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Engine managemnet

PatrowlManager lets you manage the existing and adding new Engines. Engine Management view lets a user:

  • Create, modify or delete engines

  • Change functional state

  • View engine info, including current scans performed

  • Refresh engines states

  • Enable/Disable the auto-refresh

To view the list of existing assets, select List engines from the Engines drop-down menu.

Adding a new scan engine

  1. To add a new asset, select Add scan engine instance from the Engines drop-down menu. Add a new scan engine page opens.

  2. From the Engine drop-down menu, select the type of engine you want to use.

  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the engine.

  4. In the Api url field, enter the URL address of the engine.

  5. Tick the Enabled checkbox if you want to enable the engine once created.

  6. From the Authentication method drop-down menu, select the authentication method to access to the engine from the PatrowlManager host. Click Create a new engine.

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