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SIEMonster Documentation

Welcome to the SIEMonster Knowledgebase and Documentation Platform

This repository contains all admin and end-user guides as well troubleshooting and how-to documentation.

Below you can find a brief introduction to SIEMonster V5 highlighting the product and it’s features.

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Document formatting standards

Please note that the following documentation standards have been applied where possible to simplify activities.

Actions will be capitalized, bold and italicized e.g. Actions

When giving instructions that relate to key combinations or shortcut typing actions they will be encapsulated with square brackets [ ] and capitalized e.g. [ESC]

A combined example will look like this:

Type vim example.txt and Press [ENTER], then type test. Now Press [ESC] then [:wq] and Press [ENTER]

Throughout the documentation there are notes, there are three potential variations, please see below:

NOTE: This is the standard note that is just generally helpful information

🔖 NOTE: This is a targeted note that contains information that is required or important for the documentational function

⚠️ NOTE: This is a warning note, pay close attention to these as they have a high likelihood of system impact

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