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Agent Installation

The following pages will reflect all the required details for installing the agents on the different kind of operating systems. Some changes to the original strings are required by the latest versions of the software for successful installation and registration.

The ports required for the agents to function are the following:



Service Description



Wazuh agent connectivity



Wazuh agent registration services



Wazuh cluster communications

⚠️ NOTE: Please note that the traffic to these ports must be unfiltered. No SSL interception/inspection can be performed on these as this will break communication. Wazuh uses AES256 encryption for all traffic.

Each page below will contain a downlink for the agent as well as the different variations of command structures to deploy them. SIEMonster does not promote any specific automation service for agent deployment. Various tools have been successfully used by the existing customer base.

🔖 NOTE: Please see THIS URL for details on how to determine the agent URL to use for central registration.

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