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Bulk Changelog - February 2024

Event Processor [5.0.0 - 5.0.2]

  • [fix] Fix Secret

Incident Response [5.0.10 - 5.0.15]

  • [feat] Auto-detect and handle db network config changes

  • [feat] Customizable permanent webhooks feature

  • [feat] Add support for integer custom ENV

  • [feat] Add support for customized ENV

  • [feat] Update internal ENV

  • [feat] More flexible customization

WebUI [5.0.26 - 5.0.39]

  • [ref] Incident-response: improve alerts management

  • [ref] Incident-response: review cases/tasks/alerts filtering and pagination

  • [fix] Take IDLE logout timeout settings from global dynamic settings

  • [feat] Check for available upgrades only for currently selected tenant

  • [feat] Add docs

  • [feat] Improve user role's management view

  • [ref] Update cron schedule form

  • [fix] Webreporting - couldn't save records in csv/xls formats

  • [fix] Webreporting - couldn't re-save existing records

  • [feat] Webreporting - auto-fill preview design settings (paper, orientation, format) from record

  • [ref] Improve password validation pattern

  • [feat] Add password confirmation for user create/edit forms

  • [fix] Do not close create user dialog on errors

  • [fix] Ability to edit user's displayed name without touching password

  • [fix] Refactor backups/reporting/cron modules

  • [feat] Update backups module views

  • [feat] Improve filters for backups module

  • [fix] Fix pagination for backups module

  • [feat] Update users table view

  • [fix] Do not close reporting create/edit page on error

  • [fix] Fix reporting create/edit page

  • [feat] Refactor rule create/edit forms and improve UX

  • [feat] Update default values for rule creation form

  • [feat] Change field type from text to select with default value for several rule's fields for better UX

  • [feat] Open rule page after creation

  • [fix] Fix aggregation-chart for custom timestamp fields

  • [feat] Original events - add support for 'timestamp' field

  • [feat] Set rule name field as required

  • [feat] Restore CRUD for rules

  • [fix] Change time field type from autocomplete to select

  • [fix] Fix modal closed on rule creation error

  • [fix] Fix rule create error on empty observables list

  • [fix] Fix services table was not refreshed after pressing update button

  • [feat] Replace column "update date" with column "create date" in services table

  • [feat] Allow spaces for tenant's pretty name

  • [feat] Improve labels for burger-menu

  • [fix] Redraw reporting tables on switching between tenants

  • [fix] Fix rule creation was allowed to RO-user

  • [fix] Make related alerts table as read-only

Services Manager [5.0.11 - 5.1.0]

  • [feat] New minor release

  • [fix] Fix probe uri for elastalerting service

  • [fix] Update port mapping for SOAR module

MTAPI [5.0.19 - 7.0.1]

  • [feat] ability to check upgrades only for specified tenant

  • [feat] New major release

  • [feat] bump minor images for services: auth-gateway

  • [fix] take into account semver filter for charts

  • [fix] pull policy when upgrading Mothership

  • [fix] Fix pull policy when upgrading Mothership

  • [feat] Add support for custom ENV for Cortex service

  • [feat] Update default resources for Alerts module

  • [feat] Enhanced customizations for ENV

  • [feat] Update resource requests/limits for mgob service

  • [fix] Fix upgrading apps with different chart/release names

  • [fix] Self-upgrading

Exporter [5.0.12]

  • [fix] Fix probe uri for elastalerting service

Backups Manager [5.0.11 - 5.0.12]

  • [feat] Improve schedule sync between replicas

  • [fix] Fix pagination

  • [feat] Add support for multiple filter params

  • [feat] Sort jobs/task by creation time

  • [fix] Fix global jobs init on cluster setup

Auth Gateway [5.0.20 - 5.1.1]

  • [fix] possible session collisions between similar services in different namespaces

  • [feat] Update SOAR integration

  • [fix] vusers sync for newly deployed tenant

  • [feat] Unlock existing threat analysis' vuser on siemonster's user recreation

Mothership [5.0.11 - 5.0.15]

  • [ref] hide legacy global dynamic settings

  • [fix] pull policy when upgrading Mothership

  • [fix] ability to set any password character

  • [feat] form users list accordingly to current admin's RBAC permissions

  • [Fix] Any password character

  • [Feat] form users list accordingly to current admin's RBAC permissions

  • [feat[ Add support for tenant-related URLs

  • [feat] Optimize RSS-feeds - add fast cache

  • [feat] Add support for RSS JSON 2.0 feeds

SOAR [5.0.9 - 5.1.2]

  • [feat] improve integration

  • [feat] wait for related services to get required run-order

  • [feat] Improve integration

  • [feat] Upgrade to v1.3.0

Threat Intel [5.1.0]

  • [feat] Global MiSP

Mgob [5.0.7]

  • [fix] Update resources

Alerts Processor [5.0.8 - 5.0.13]

  • [fix] insecure https request warnings in logs

  • [feat] Update factory rules

  • [fix] Fix sending alerts to TheHive for events with IDs started with dash

  • [feat] Improve pagination for several API-queries

  • [fix] Fix aggregation-chart for custom timestamp fields

  • [feat] Update env for health-checker

Dockerd [5.0.1 - 5.0.2]

  • [feat] add initial version

Threat Analysis [5.0.9 - 5.1.2]

  • [feat] restore shuffle-integration

  • [feat] use MiSP from shared namespace

  • [feat] add support for custom ENV

Alerts [5.0.11 - 5.0.12]

  • [feat] backoff-strategy for saving original events references

  • [fix] Fix original events calculation

  • [fix] Update resources

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