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Extracting bastion credentials

Extraction from AWS console

To extract the bastion password, you can log into the AWS console and go to AWS System manager > Parameter Store > <top_level_fqdn_prefix>/bastion/admin_password and Click “Show”. Please see example below.

Extraction from CLI

To perform these actions, the following pre-requisites need to be fullfilled:

  • An AWS profile

  • AWS cli installation

The following information is required for running the command

  • the AWS region where the cluster is deployed (chosen at deployment time)

  • The AWS profile that has the relevant credentials to access the SSM store

The relevant details for the above can be found in the following section

The bastion password is stored in AWS SSM and is generated at the time of the cluster deployment. Below is an example cluster URL and then the steps to perform the password extraction

Example URL:

Command Example:

aws --region us-east-2 ssm get-parameter --name /example/bastion/admin_password --with-decryption

Example output:

    "Parameter": {
        "Name": "/example/bastion/admin_password",
        "Type": "SecureString",
        "Value": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
        "Version": 1,
        "LastModifiedDate": "2022-12-19T17:45:33.355000+00:00",
        "ARN": "arn:aws:ssm:us-east-2:000000000000:parameter/example/bastion/admin_password",
        "DataType": "text"

The “Value” line is the item that needs to be used as password for the bastion HTTPS and OpenVPN access.

The Username for the bastion HTTPS and OpenVPN access will always be admin

NOTE: All credentials (username and password) are case sensitive unless the contrary is stated.

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