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SIEMonster XDR consists of a multitude of modules that performs various functions. Originally a branch of ossec, Wazuh is the industry standard for large scale event collection/correlation and file integrity monitoring for compliance such as PCI DSS. SIEMonster has now forked and rebranded it as SIEMonster XDR.

XDR has the following default classification sections and subsections that can be access to review the information generated by events.

Security Information management:

  • Security events

  • Integrity monitoring

  • Office 365*

  • Amazon AWS*

  • Google Cloud Platform*

  • Github*

Auditing and Policy monitoring

  • Policy monitoring

  • System auditing

  • Security configuration assessment

  • OpenSCAP*

  • CIS-CAT*

Threat Detection and Response

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Mitre ATT&&CK

  • VirusTotal*

  • Osquery*

  • Docker listener*

Regulatory Compliance


  • NIST 800-53

  • TSC

  • GDPR


* These modules are hidden from the default dashboard until they have been toggled on.

🔖 NOTE: Some modules are functional and populated as soon as events flow into the environment. Others require additional setup.

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