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Slack Configuration

Published: 15/12/2022

Version: 1.0

This document details the steps on how to setup a Slack API Token for integration with the SIEMonster notifier.

How to setup notifications with Slack

1. Open Apps in Slack:

2. Click on "Create an App" button

3. Fill in the “App Name” and “Development Slack Workspace” and click "Create App":

4. Scroll to the bottom of the opened page. Update the fields "Icon", "Background Color", "Short Description" and press "Save Changes" (Optional):

5. Scroll to the top and click "Permissions":

6. Scroll to "Scopes" and in the field "Select Permission Scopes" add these two values:

a. Send messages as user (chat:write:user)

b. Upload and modify files as user (files:write:user)

7. Scroll to the top and click "Install App to Workspace":

8. Click the “Install” button:

9. After installing you will be redirected to the previous page which will contain the required token. Save the token in SIEMonster's "Notifiers" tab:

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